Configuring Google Analytics With Odoo v8

Know your audience & What they are up to

Ahmed Hegazy

Configuring Google Analytics With Odoo v8

Know your audience & What they are up to

Whether you run Odoo as a blog or as a fully featured e-commerce website, there are common things you need to know about your website. For example, you need to know where your visitors come from, how long they stay on your website, and what content they like the most.

Having a great website is a must for any savvy company in today’s marketplace. The key to making it great is understanding how your customers (and potential customers) are using it. You need that information to be able to adopt a smart design, deliver great content, and interact with the right audience.

Google Analytics can make it easy to know everything happening with your web presence. Here, we’ll walk you through on how to set up an account and activate it in your Odoo instance.

Creating Google Analytics Account

Go ahead and signup for a Google Analytics account on the Sign Up Page

Getting Your Track ID

  1. Sign in into your Google Analytics account.

  2. Select the Admin tab.

  3. Select a property from the dropdown in the PROPERTY column.

  4. Under Property Settings -> Basic Settings, you will find your Tracking ID (e.g. UA-XXXXXXXX-Y)

Setting Your Tracking ID in Odoo

Make sure you have Google Analytics (web_analytics) module installed, then go to Settings -> Configuration -> Website Settings and place your Tracking ID in Google Analytics Key field.

Checking if your Odoo website is correctly configured

Using Chrome or Firefox, Right click your home page and choose View Page Source, Press Ctrl+F to search the page source.

If you where able to locate your Tracking ID in the page source, then you have successfully configured Google Analytics in your website.

In few hourse, you should be able to see some data on you dashboard.